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Experience the Benefits of Energy Harmonization

About Reiki as Energy Harmonization 

Throughout history, we have resorted to many medicines to support our health. Reiki, as a modality of energy harmonization and healing, is a tool to help your well-being. Physical and emotional stress creates blockages in our energetic body, restricting the natural flow of our life force energy. All living beings have life force energy that keeps them alive. Reiki helps unblock stagnated energy, allowing you to feel grounded and facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal. During the sessions, we co-create a space for giving yourself a pause, bringing your body energy to balance, and allowing room for listening to inner guidance. The guidance that may have arisen during the session is accompanied by the reading of oracle cards to close the session.

About your Reiki practitioner

Greetings! I am Clery, like you - a fellow human navigating life, embracing its joys and sorrows. I grew up in a loving family, nonetheless impacted by generational trauma and its manifestations. Throughout my adult life, I’ve worked in the nonprofit sector as an administrator. I felt the need to contribute towards a fairer society and found my work to be a space for it.
Meanwhile, I’ve embarked on a personal quest, exploring tools to support me in this imperfect and beautiful world. As energy harmonization, Reiki emerged as a tool to ground me and heal through the challenges and conflicts of our inner and outer world. I am a Certified Reiki II Practitioner with over a decade of experience with souls who have trusted my services. I want to extend an offering through personalized sessions, a sanctuary to support your overall well-being through your journey in times of significant changes in the world. 

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"The healing power of energy harmonization lies within each of us, waiting to be unlocked"

Services Offered

Distance Reiki Session

Distance Reiki sessions allow you to receive the benefits of Reiki through a video call from anywhere you are.​ Please refer to the Offerings section for more information.

One on One Reiki Session

One on One Reiki sessions are available in the San Francisco - Bay Area. Please refer to the Offerings section for more information.


The Reiki sessions with Clery are a turning point. Her energy is wonderful, and I always feel much more peace, calm, and connection with myself after a session with her. I highly recommend her; not only is she an excellent Reiki practitioner, but also a being of light.

Mariana Vasquez 

Our present is determined by our past experiences, and our future is empowered by what we do today. Pain is often buried to continue living, but it coexists as a shadow that hinders your flow. My experience with Reiki with Clery gave me the opportunity to release attachments, to look at a past that I wasn't aware of, to acknowledge my ancestors with feelings that I now relive. Inexplicably, these feelings came to me, and by understanding their origin, I have been able to close certain chapters. The ones that remain are the driving force for me to continue living—peacefully and in fullness

Maria Yaque

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a combination of Reiki, and card reading from Clery, and it truly transformed my entire being. The Reiki session was definitely the highlight of my visit. Clery had an air of calmness and positivity which put me at ease from the moment we began. During the session, I felt a gentle and soothing energy flow through me, which helped me release tension and stress. Clery's intuition and ability to pinpoint areas of blockage were impressive, leaving me feeling relaxed, balanced, and with a heightened sense of well-being.

Diana Pica

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